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Config files
A narrat game needs various config files to function


A narrat game needs two config files to function: The main config.json where a lot of settings are configured, and characters.json where the various characters that can speak in the game are setup.
There are example files available for both of these:

Editing the config

The simplest way to create a narrat game is to start by copying the narrat template. This template already includes config.json and characters.json files ready to use.
How to manually setup config files (ignore this if using the template)
The config.json file is a json file which should already contain most of what's needed in it if using the template. For the most recent example of what can go in a config file, the narrat repo's test config uses most options.
The various features and guides sections of this documentation can give more information about how to use each option.


The layout key in the config defines the overall layout of the game. This allows individual games to tweak how much space the dialogue box on the right of the interactive screens on the left take, and the resolution/aspect ratio of the game.
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