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Getting Started

Getting Started

Make sure you have node.js installed (This was made using 15.5.0, LTS probably also works, not tested).
One simple way to set it up is to use the Narrat Template App. You can press the "Use this template" button to create your own repo based on it. If you don't want to use GitHub, you can just download it as a zip file and start editing it to make your game.
If you'd rather use your own preferred way of setting up a JS web project, and add narrat as a library, follow this guide:

Running the game

Now that you have a local folder with a copy of the template ready, open a terminal there
Install all the dependencies and tools:
npm install
Once everything is installed, you can start the game:
npm start
This should open a browser tab with the game running. Otherwise you can access it at http://localhost:8080

Customising your game

See the Customising your Narrat game page

Building and exporting your game

See the Building and exporting your game page

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