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Narrat is a narrative game engine for text-based games with many features to make games more interactive than your average visual novel

What is narrat?

Narrat is a game engine for easily creative interactive narrative games with RPG elements. It can create games for the web and desktop.
This example shows the script of a game and the result on screen when playing.
Example screenshot of narrat script next to its result
There is an online demo available. It contains a built version of the narrat game demo

Getting Started

It's easy to get a narrat game running in a minute with the getting started guide

Example script and config

The sidebar on the left of this documentation has various sections worth looking at
  • Guides: General guides on how to do things with the engine
  • Features: Introduction to specific features and how to use them
  • Functions Documentation: API Documentation for every command available to game scripts


  • Easy script syntax for writing games without "real code"
  • Branching, conditions and variables
  • Multiple characters with configurable poses
  • Themable UI (with CSS, explained in the docs)
  • Skills and skill checks (dice rolls against skill levels) system
  • Interactive visual screens alongside the dialogue
  • HUD for currency or other stats
  • save/load
  • audio
  • notifications
  • Exports to web or PC
  • Inventory
  • Quests
  • ... and more

How it works

A narrat game is a web app built around Vue.js. It is composed of the following things:
  • The narrat template, which is a simple web app setup with narrat pre-installed and ready to use
  • Some config files defining characters, assets and dialogue scripts
  • Dialogue scripts, which are the actual content of your game
See the Editing a narrat game page for more info on how games work
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