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Add Function

The add function is similar to the set function, but increments values. You can use it to add a number to an existing value, or substract by adding a negative number.


The following code will setup a counter variable, then effectively put the player in a loop where they can increase the counter up to 10 times until they have a new choice to move on.

    set data.counter 0
    jump add_example_add

        talk cat idle "Do you want to increase the counter? You can only do it 10 times":
        "Increase the counter" $if this.DATA.counter < 10:
            add data.counter 1
            talk cat idle "Ok then"
        "I'm done" $if >= 10:
            jump add_example_end
    jump add_example_add

    talk cat idle "It seems you're done with the counter now"